Our Core Services

Over 20 years in the industry has resulted in deep experience, across a diverse range of marketing disciplines.

Add experience in tactical marketing to strategic brand advertising, and throw in digital know-how and you have a well rounded skill set across all areas of marketing important to small business.

Other Services

As a result of many years of experience managing a vast range of marketing communications, JIVE can also deliver the below tactics with great proficiency and passion.

JIVE can bring to the table specialist skills in customer marketing and trade activation which stem from many years of expertly delivered best practice campaigns. This experience also includes delivering FMCG campaigns specifically designed for Coles or Woolworths.

Karen has executed customer marketing campaigns for the following consumer brands: Morning Fresh, Big M, Devondale, Bulla, Lavazza, Yoplait, Fruche, Holeproof, White King, McKenzies, Australia Post, Barbie, Hot Wheels and Fisher-Price.

  • JIVE takes pride in delivering best practice campaigns based on proven research.
  • Grocery and Discount Department Store account specific campaigns are a speciality.

When a product is new to the market and a launch deadline is set, an additional level of discipline and skill is required.

Product launches can take many forms – advertising campaigns, media launches, publicity stunts, consumer events etc.

They all have two things in common, the launch date does not move once set and the launch campaign includes a large number of key stakeholders all with a vested interested in the campaign’s success.

Career origins in highly strategic advertising agencies, combined with years of below-the-line tactical experience have resulted in an ability to deliver fully integrated campaigns with proficiency and ease.

JIVE has the ability to plan strategically as well think creatively. And is fully committed to delivering excellent client service.

  • Delivery of campaigns that require full integration of advertising, promotion, digital, public relations, sponsorship and CRM.
  • End to end campaign management.

Karen has managed many marketing events, including high profile media launches and strategic brand events that include celebrities, media and product buyers.

Events are a unique marketing tool in that they require fabulous creative skills, as well as solid project management and planning ability.