Marketing Tools Small Businesses Need in 2015

Before the close of the financial year I thought I'd share my current thinking for "must-have" marketing tools for small businesses.  These low cost, high return marketing tools provide small businesses with the advantage they need to cut through the noise and get their messages heard without breaking their budget. So if you don't believe [...]

Coalition Marketing: Does 1+1 really equal 3?

Coalition marketing... otherwise known as 3rd party partnerships, otherwise known as "buddy marketing".  For today, I'm going with the "friendliest" of all three names. Buddy marketing is when two or more non-competing, complementary businesses work together in their marketing efforts.  The key benefits for each business are: Reduced marketing costs, 3rd party endorsement of your [...]

Save marketing dollars via a coalition strategy

Have you ever considered using coalition marketing in your business strategy?  If not, now is the time to.  Coalition marketing - also known as a 3rd party partnership or, as I call it, “buddy marketing”.   Put simply, your business, and any other business you team up with, can save marketing dollars while benefiting from [...]

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