Facebook are changing their page layout!  But it’s not bad news…

Yep, they’re doing it again!  It’s almost becoming an annual event.

The new look Facebook page design will display the timeline in a single column on the right side and put business info (hours, website URL etc) on the left side of the page. This will actually help declutter the page so I quite like this change.

Key is that the custom tabs – which you may have a few of by now – will not be visible.  They will be behind the “More” button.  Which on face value seems like a negative, but in reality with the rise of consumers accessing Facebook via mobile devices (where the custom tabs are not visible anyway) you need to actively promote the tab content in order for them to get traffic anyway.  And even via desktops, fewer users are visiting Pages, and most brand engagement is via posts or ads within their own Newsfeed.

So what does this mean for your Facebook strategy?  I believe three things will be critical.

  1. Tangible and visual content – good images and perhaps even video
  2. Frequent posting in order for messages & tab content to be promoted and engaged with – users are not going to your page, so we need to take the content to them
  3. Optimise for mobile – all custom tabs needs to have mobile accessibility

Get in touch if you’ve any questions, otherwise stay tuned for how your current Facebook page will look post roll out.